Bronze Review



To receive BIG People accreditation, it is necessary to demonstrate the required standards of personal competence. We establish whether you satisfy these requirements by mean of our Virtual Assessment Centre. This is an innovative approach, which permits each of the several elements under assessment to be separately submitted over a period of time. This briefing document explains the process of what you need to do and the different elements of the BRONZE level assessment.

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed in terms of 5 criteria:
• Big Self-Awareness
• Big Learning
• Big Skills
• Big Presence
• Big Thinking

If you have already completed the Big People Development Programme at the Bronze level, then you will already understand these criteria and what they mean in practice. If you intend to present yourself for assessment without first having gone through our development programme, then we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them beforehand.

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed on the basis of a combination of information obtained from 5 sources:
• The Self Presentation
• The Psychometric Assessment
• The Interview
• The Group Task
• The Self & Peer Assessment

Each of these constitutes an important element in the overall assessment process.

The Self-Presentation

You need to make and submit a concise and impactful presentation about yourself. This may be delivered either ‘live’ in the course of one of our periodic, scheduled assessment days, or by means of a video recording of you making your presentation. Your presentation is limited to an absolute  maximum of 15 minutes duration. Other than that, there is no prescribed format. You are free to use the self-presentation to show- case yourself and your self-awareness, learning, skills, presence and thinking as you see fit. The purpose of this element of the assessment process is to give you a blank canvas and a piece of uninterrupted air-time in which to demonstrate your capabilities in your own words and your own way. This is an important ‘opportunity space’ in which to demonstrate the distinctiveness of what you have to offer.

The Psychometric Assessment

You need to complete a set of psychometric questionnaires, using our adopted assessment system, LaunchPad. We use its integrated combination of different questionnaires, because it is a long-established finding that assessment becomes more objective and reliable when it draws upon multiple, well-researched perspectives. In our experience LaunchPad provides an exceptionally broad, balanced and well-nuanced picture of the real person. While it includes two short reasoning tests, LaunchPad looks primarily at various aspects of personality relevant to the world of work. There are no right or wrong answers for these questionnaires, which help to identify your distinctive personal styles, motivations and interests. In the context of the Big Bronze assessment your psychometric profile is not a test to be passed or failed. It is used to clarify and corroborate your performance on the other elements of the assessment process and to provide additional focus for the interview.


You need to complete a personal interview with one of our qualified assessors. The interview will ordinarily be conducted by skype using webcam to make it easier for you to complete this element of the assessment process at a time and location of your choosing without the inconvenience and expense of having to make special travel arrangements. The interview will focus closely on the specifics of your past experience and you can expect your interviewer to probe for detailed evidence of your competence in terms of our 5 criteria of self-awareness, learning, skills, presence and thinking.  If you have not previously encountered the technique of ‘critical incident’ interviewing, which is designed to make interviews more productive for both interviewer and interviewee alike by facilitating the retrieval of real experiences, then we recommend that you familiarise yourself with it beforehand. You should expect your interview to last approximately one hour.

Group Task

You need to take part in a group task with a number of peers, who are also presenting themselves for assessment at the Big People Bronze level, and who may be people you have not previously met.  In order that you can be observed by our assessors in the course of this task, it will take place at one of our venues as part of one of our periodic, scheduled assessment days. These take place at regular intervals and in various locations, so there will be ample opportunity for you to complete this element of the assessment process. The exact nature of the task will not be disclosed to you beforehand, since its purpose as part of the assessment process is to examine how you demonstrate self-awareness, learning, skills, presence and thinking in a group context, the context in which most of us are now called upon to perform for a very significant proportion of our time.

Self & Peer Assessment

This is specifically designed to be the final element of the assessment process. You will need to complete a retrospective self-assessment of your own performance in the earlier elements of the assessment, that is the Self-Presentation, The Interview and The Group Task. You will be asked to identify where you believe you performed well, where you felt you had been less effective, what you would do differently with hindsight, and what lessons, personal insights and intentions you are taking away from these earlier experiences. In addition to this self-assessment, you will also be given the opportunity to offer an assessment of peers with whom you have worked in the course of the Group Task. You will be invited to identify any individuals whose contribution particularly impressed you and with whom you believe it would be good to work.