Collaboration Workgroups


Together makes it fun...


Our People Workgroups are about developing people in a relaxed but structured way over a number of months.  These Collaboration Workgroups are one to two day sessions to collaborate in an informal way enjoying and sharing interests, hobbies and passions. 

A Workgroup session may take the form of an activity or meeting to experience a new restaurant or exceptional food or winery, going to the Grand Slam or the Ashes, hiking in the Himalayas, bungee jumping, skiing or four wheel drive and an adrenaline day.  These events are primarily for our members to continue developing their teambuilding skills in a subject that they are interested in and to enable other like-minded members to meet each other.

If you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member of our People Forum with complementary interests you will be contacted to attend one of these workgroups by one of our Specialists or Tiger Coaches.

If you wish to put forward a Collaboration Workgroup idea or topic, please Contact Us and one of our Specialists will call you to discuss.