Gold People


Are you Gold...


You already work at a senior level, in either an executive, professional or entrepreneurial capacity. You have significant experience in working with and leading others and have the ability to get the very best out of people in almost any situation. 

You are familiar with the challenge of balancing diverse requirements and concerns of multiple stakeholders and relish working in environments with multiple challenges which test and extend your skills and capabilities.

You are an exceptional leader and recognise that you do not always have all the answers but believe in people and love mentoring and developing teams.  You enjoy facilitating and bringing diverse strands together in creative and productive ways.  You are open-minded and will always be interested in learning and can demonstrate a record of career achievement. 

You are well respected and looking for interesting and new challenges to stretch yourself even further.  You aspire to developing other teams or business opportunities outside your current situation and wish to help others achieve their ambitions and enable you to ‘do something new and meaningful’ for yourself. 

You already have an extensive network with a track record of successes and are keen to use this network in conjunction with Breakthrough Innovations Group to develop inspirational and innovative people.