People Workgroups


This really is something new...


Our unique Forum for People enables us to create these Workgroups to enable people to develop themselves, learn together and help each other to achieve success as a group and become a powerful team.  These Workgroups will consist of up to 12 members at the same membership level working together over a number of months on our People Development Programmes.  

During these Workgroups you will improve your self-awareness, team awareness, facilitation, leadership and coaching skills.  This approach not only provides real situations and feedback but also enables you to become an exceptional team member or leader and meet like-minded people which will all benefit you in many aspects of your life.

If you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member of our People Forum with the appropriate interests you will be contacted to attend one of these groups by one of our Specialists or Tiger Coaches.

Join our Forum for People to be a workgroup member today.