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Business Profile - Benchmark your company and find out where you’re at, what you need to do and where you can go. Identify those gaps and create your unique profile...

Sales Agency - Advertise your business for sale or explore an acquisition on our online service...

Online Recruitment - Search out really suitable candidates with their BIG Profile that best fits your business, saving time and money...

Development & Coaching - Well proven development programmes and coaching modules that will really help you and your Business to achieve ultimate success from start-up to exit...

Consultancy - We offer cost effective consultancy in a number of areas which provides real value for money.

Forums & Networking - Connect and enjoy being with People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants in our BIG Network....together anything is possible...

If you are looking to start a new business, recover from weak trading, develop your existing business, buy or sell your business, recruit or just meet like-minded people that you can cross trade with... then you have come to the right place.

Breakthrough Innovations Group (BIG) is an inspirational group of businesses bringing together wide ranging resources and people into a community environment to make things happen. With such a BIG knowledge pool we believe anything is possible. Backed up with years of experience our services and programmes have something for everyone… Our Group consists of five centres of excellence.

BIG Business… is our centre of excellence for business development… and is built around our Forum for Business, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Tiger Coaches and Business Specialists.

This is not like anything you have come across before...It is designed to enable you to put you, your business and your development first by giving you access to an exceptional range of resources and opportunities through our BIG Network of People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants.

We are experts in business development and our primary focus is on supporting you to create an exceptional business, help you achieve your goals and realise your vision.  We are interested in any business that wants to explore growth possibilities and develop. Together we can assess your business and explore opportunities.  We offer a complete package that includes: business start-up, assessment, development and exit or sale.  Join one of our Programmes or Workshops and achieve success.

Our Programmes are exceptional and our Forum for Business is a must!

Join our Forum for Business and receive BIG discounts and great benefits.

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