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Forum for People - Join our community of people who are interested in developing themselves to fulfil their ambitions.  Share ideas, thoughts and learning with others and become an effective team member, leader or coach.

Forum for Innovation - Join our community of innovators who are interested in developing ideas to fulfil their ambitions.  Share ideas and skills with others in our innovation workgroups to make a difference and create additional revenues.

Forum for Business – Join our community of Businesses who are interested in developing their business to achieve their vision.  Share ideas, opportunities with others and achieve business growth and ultimate success.

Forum for Investors – Join our community of investors who are interested in developing their investment capital by investing in our projects or collaborating in joint venture.  Share ideas, opportunities with others and be the first to find out about the next BIG opportunity.

If you are an investor, entrepreneur, business owner or just keen to develop yourself and get involved... then our BIG Forums are for you. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants in our BIG Network....together anything is possible...

Breakthrough Innovations Group (BIG) is an inspirational group of businesses bringing together wide ranging resources and people into a community environment to make things happen. With such a BIG knowledge pool we believe anything is possible. Backed up with years of experience our services and programmes have something for everyone… Our Group consists of five centres of excellence.

Our BIG Forums… are at the centre of our business model and provide us with four forum communities and membership at all levels as well as joint membership across all Forums, which means they can collaborate as a whole to achieve success.

They are not like anything you have come across before... our community enable you to put you, your Ideas, your business and development first by giving you access to an exceptional range of resources and opportunities through our BIG Network of People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants.  We recognises the importance of bringing people, businesses and experienced entrepreneurs together to make a real difference in people’s lives and our world economy.

Our unique Forums provide exciting opportunities you will not find on other Websites or Forums.  We are innovative in our approach and strive to create and add real value for our members.  We have therefore created four Forums that collectively offer something for everybody.

To join a Forum is FREE!  Members of our Forums will receive the BIG Membership Card and personal login details to access a number of benefits and opportunities.



See the table below for our main Membership Levels and click on links to find out more:

Forum for People People BIG People Bronze People Silver People Gold People BIG People Partner
Forum for Innovation Innovator BIG Innovator Bronze Innovator Silver Innovator Gold Innovator BIG Innovation Partner
Forum for Business Business BIG Business Bronze Business Silver Business Gold Business BIG Business Partner
Forum for Investment Investor BIG Investor Bronze Investor Silver Investor Gold Investor BIG Investment Partner

To find out which Forum is most appropriate for you and the benefits available at each level, select one of the links below:

Forum for People

Forum for Innovation

Forum for Business

Forum for Investors