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Investing in an innovative future…

  • New ideas to take to market
  • Turnkey propositions
  • Existing  Growth Businesses
  • Investment Fund
  • Forum and Networking

Investment Programme - New ideas that have been developed through our Innovation Workgroups and represent unique investment opportunity for new innovative services and products with the hard work already done.

Business Ventures – Our Workgroups will have done market research, prototyping, customer sampling and start-up, so our  turnkey projects are up and running and past the initial “doubt” phase, making investing in the next BIG project very straight forward.

Business Acquisition - Successful businesses that now need to take advantage of their current position to go to the next level and offer exceptional growth opportunity for investors.

Investment Funding – Opportunity for people to invest into our ventures as well as our own investment fund to invest into your  ventures.

Forum and Networking - Connect with People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants in our BIG Network....together anything is possible...

If you are looking to invest a small sum into a collaborative venture, make large capital investments into a major project or are seeking funding for your business or venture... then you have come to the right place.

Breakthrough Innovations Group (BIG) is an inspirational group of businesses bringing together wide ranging resources and people into a community environment to make things happen. With such a BIG knowledge pool we believe anything is possible. Backed up with years of experience our services and programmes have something for everyone… Our Group consists of five centres of excellence.

BIG Investment… is our centre of excellence for capital investment … and is built around our Forum for Investors, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Tiger Coaches and investment Specialists.

This is not like anything you have come across before...It is designed to enable you to put you and your Investment first by giving you access to an exceptional range of resources and opportunities through our BIG Network of People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants.

We are experts in creating and developing business investment opportunities and provide you with ready-to-go ventures to invest in our amazing business opportunities. As well as offering investment opportunities we also fund businesses from our own investment fund and can amalgamate small investments to provide collaborative venture funding. 

We are therefore interested in investors at all Membership Levels who want to invest in innovative business opportunities as well as business owners or entrepreneurs who need funding for exciting projects. 

We have already done most of the work in our evaluation Programmes and Workgroups so the next stage is to launch the business. It has to be a good idea or business to reach this stage. Explore your investment opportunities and invest in one of our ready-to-go ventures today. 

Join our Forum for Investment and receive BIG discounts and great benefits! 

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