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We recognise there is more to the modern interview process. Profiling has become widely used in many organisations and we have developed a very rigorous approach based on our many years of experience.  To place you in the right workgroup and give you the best chance of personal and career success we have created new profiling and assessment programmes specifically aimed at assessing people for Workgroup teams.

We have worked with accomplished specialists in the people development field to develop our profiling and review process.  We have made this simple for people to complete whilst retaining integrity and delivering meaningful results.  Our process consists of two elements: Online Psychometric Profile...Personal Profile Review...

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Profile Reviews

Review Title Duration
BIG Intro Psychometric Profile & Report 10 mins (Free)
BIG Summary Psychometric Profile & Report 45 Mins (Free)
Personal Profile Review  1 day

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It is extremely important to us that everyone has equal opportunity.  If you have any problems completing any of our online profile questionnaires, please Contact Us and one of our Specialists will get in touch.

Psychometric Profile & Summary

Personal Profile Review