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Our development programme takes you from your personal profile through awareness and on to personal exploration. The first two steps are part of our people profiling and we offer three programmes... BIG Awareness Programme… BIG Recognition Programme… BIG Exploration Programme.  In addition to these exceptional personal development programmes we also offer highly developed one-to-one coaching/mentoring schemes.

Our programmes are focussed on developing you onwards - and if you wish, upwards - whatever your starting point to become an effective team member and move beyond your current level of performance. They will also develop many more skills to prepare you for your next career, personal challenge, business venture or to participate in one of our Innovation Workgroups.   Each Programme haves been designed to enable access at any point so it enables you to use as much or as little of our complete package of programmes to take you from the start of your personal development journey and beyond, to achieve your personal goals.

Following our programmes to succeed will be a journey of self-discovery and learning for every individual. The journey begins by completing our online personality profile and attending our Personal Profile Review Day.

These programmes have evolved over many years and are designed for a Workgroup type environment which will be delivered over a number of months.  This Workgroup environment and the duration of the programmes enable people to become familiar with all members of the group and provide a detailed yet very effective and easy environment to learn as well as real work situations and interesting live feedback.  You will not get this in other programmes and it is an inspiring way of developing.  However, expect to be challenged at times. It is therefore important that you attend these courses with an open mind and desire to participate and learn.

Once you have completed the Review Day you can attend any of our programmes providing you meet the entry level criteria.

Our programmes are exceptional - please register an interest to ensure that you get a place on the next available programme.

Please see our list of Programmes and Coaching Services in the table below.

Programme Title Days per Month Number of Months
Specialist Coaching (half day) As Required As Required
BIG Awareness Programme (5 Modules & Review) 1 6
BIG Awareness Programme Per Module 1 1
BIG Recognition Programme(5 Modules & Review) 1 6
BIG Recognition Programme Per Module 1 1
BIG Exploration Programme(5 Modules & Review) 1 6
BIG Exploration Programme Per Module 1 1
Executive Coaching Programme 1 6
Tiger Coaching (half day) As Required As Required

Note: Payments can be made as a lump sum or monthly instalments to view prices please sign up free and download the Price List from the PDF Library.

BIG Awareness Programme

BIG Recognition Programme

BIG Exploration Programme

Executive Coaching Programme

One to One Coaching