Innovation Workgroup


This really is something new...


If you are looking for an opportunity to step outside of your everyday job or the humdrum routine of your life and gain insight through working with other like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs in developing a successful business and creating a revenue stream. Then you have come to the right place…

Through our Forum for Innovation we bring ambitious people with a wide range of skills and life experience together in our Workgroups to accelerate the development of an idea or opportunity and to develop a product or service thereby generating revenue for members.  Each Workgroup follows one of our BIG Programmes  which are normally six months in duration and consists of up to eight individuals who have complementary skills, experience and work styles.  Breakthrough Innovations Group will form a Workgroup Limited Company and issue complimentary shares to each member.  Members will receive a small salary for attending the monthly Workgroup meetings and share allocation will depend on the Idea Category and your role in the workgroup. 

The normal workgroup structure and share allocation for an Idea Category 4 idea for example will be as follows:

Memebership and Role Day Rate Free  shares Bought Shares  Total %Share Salary Paid Fee  Paid Annual Cost
Bronze or above (Idea Member / Member 1) £60 291 9 40% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Bronze or above  (Member 2) £60 1 9 1% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Bronze or above (Member 3) £60 1 9 1% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Bronze or above (Member 4) £60 1 9 1% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Bronze or above (Member 5) £60 1 9 1% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Bronze or above (Member 6) £60 1 9 1% £720.00 £764.55 £44.55
Silver or above (Leader) £101.95 2 38 4% £1223.40 £3228.10 £2004.7
Gold or above (Coach) £201.95 3 97 10% £2423.40 £8240.15 £5816.75
Platinum Partner N/A 510 N/A 46% £0.00 N/A N/A

    Each Workgroup will be allocated at least one business opportunity from our extensive BIG Ideas Vault to investigate further.

Each Workgroup will meet on a monthly basis in order to share their expertise and be guided through our programme of Involvement, Innovation and Action aimed at seizing opportunities and achieving enhanced personal growth, profitability and success that they may not achieve on their own.

Each Workgroup meeting is facilitated by our Specialists and chaired by a Tiger Coach.