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Our development programmes take you from idea creation through business growth and on to company positioning.  The first three stages in our programmes are supported by Big Ideas Programmes and beyond this the programmes are supported by Big Business.  Big Ideas therefore offer three Idea Development Programmes: Big Creation Programme...BIG Innovation Programme... and the BIG Start-up Programme...

These programmes have been developed and refined over many years of working with new products, service and innovation and are designed for use in our Innovation Workgroups. However all programmes can be undertaken by individuals or smaller groups if you wish to develop a product or service idea independently.  The three programmes are summarised below:

Step 1 - BIG Creation Programme

Everything starts with that spark of inspiration driven by survival or curiosity and suddenly an idea is created.  This is the first stage of our innovation journey and is mainly focused on individual people ideas and submissions into our Ideas Vault for evaluation and development.  However from time to time we run a programme to create ideas in a workgroup environment around a specific chosen subject area.  This is our Big Creation Programme and is designed to assist creative thinking over one day.  The programme consists of five simple steps that you or your team will follow during the day programme.

Step 2 & 3 - BIG Innovation Programme & BIG Start up Programme

These programmes are designed to follow a pattern of one day per month for six months. Completing the two programmes consecutively, starting with the Innovator Programme, we develop your idea in a structured way to a point that would be of interest to one of our BIG Investors or for you to launch your new company. Each Programme consists of five independent steps and although following them consecutively in a workgroup is our preferred delivery they have been designed as stand-alone units. 

All of the above programmes will be delivered by one of our Specialists and a mentoring programme can be entered into with one of our Tiger Coaches.

Our programmes are of the highest quality and it is important that you contact us and register your interest now, to ensure that you secure a place on the next available programme.

As a Bronze or higher level member of our Forum for Innovation you are able to attend these courses in our Innovation Workgroups. However if individuals or smaller groups wish to develop an idea independently you can pay a one-off fee to undertake these programmes or talk to us about various share options . Either way contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options with you. 

To find out more about the programmes and the stages select the links below:

Programme Costs

Idea Development Programme Days Per Month     Duration (Months)
BIG Creation Programme 1 As Required
 BIG Innovation Programme (5 Modules) 1 6
BIG Innovation Programme Per Module 1 1
BIG Start-Up Programme (5 Modules) 1 6
BIG Start-Up Programme Per Module 1 1

Note: Payments can be made as a lump sum or monthly instalments to view prices please sign up free and download the Price List from the PDF Library.

BIG Creation Programme

BIG Innovation Programme

BIG Start-up Programme