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Everything starts with that spark of inspiration driven by survival or curiosity, but where do you start?  How do you start?   You start here…

Our business is driven by innovation, inspiration and ideas. We know that all people whoever and wherever they are, have at least one exceptional business idea in their life.  Too often they do not know it at the time or get told that they are crazy, only to find out someone else makes it reality.  Ideas are essential to the future of the planet and our economy and we have created a safe place to capture your ideas for safe keeping or development.  We have named this our BIG Ideas Vault.

BIG Ideas Vault

Instead of storing your ideas in your head or jotted down somewhere, why not submit your idea to our secure vault.  Our Ideas Vault is the secure place in which to store your ideas, preventing anyone from copying them or fading into a distant memory.  How many times have you thought of something really innovative only to forget the idea and then find out someone else made it happen. We also evaluate the ideas in our Vault on a daily basis so you may get contacted by one of our Specialists or Tiger Coaches to develop your idea further. Your ideas are secure in our Vault under our Terms and Conditions and any Individuals or companies who share ideas in our workgroups are required to complete legal documentation to protect interlectual property and ensure a safe environment to develope your idea.

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Use our Quick Idea Submission button above to submit your idea and receive a unique BIG Idea Number.  This number will automatically be submitted into our Ideas Vault and enable you to update information to progress the idea to the next Idea stage at your convenience. 

Maybe you think your idea is a bit crazy! Don’t worry about it, you can submit a crazy idea into our monthly Chindogu competition, where your idea will be entered into a draw and the winning idea will be posted on our winner’s board.

Select the link below to to find out more about submitting a more detailed idea for evaluation.

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