Investor Forum Workgroups


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The Forum for Investors has created three types of Forum Workgroups for our members which are summarised below: 

Investor Workgroups

These Workgroups are arranged to provide an opportunity for our Innovation Workgroups to present "ready to go ventures" to our investors as well as an opportunity to meet the team.  We will also provide an overview of the services that we offer investors and promote any interesting future opportunities. It is a good 'roll your sleeves up' process to look at the details and get a feel of the opportunities.

Investor Collaborative Workgroups

Our Collaborative Workgroups are for individual investors who wish to collaborate on investing in a specific project or venture with others to make it happen.  This means that if you are unable to invest the full amount in a project you can register an interest to join a Collaborative Workgroup on that particular venture and when we have reached the correct investment level we will form the workgroup.  Each Workgroup Investor will own a proportion of Workgroup Shares based on the level of investment and the venture will follow our BIG Innovation Programme or Start-Up Programme under one of our Innovation Workgroups.  These Collaborative Workgroup topics are either identified or submitted by one of our members or by our Investors/Partners. 

If you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member of our Investor Forum with the appropriate funds and background you will be contacted to attend one of these groups by one of our Tiger Coaches. 

To put forward a collaboration subject or idea contact us and one of our Specialists or Tiger Coaches will get back to you.

Investor Networking Workgroups

As part of our Investor’s Workgroups we organise a number of networking events throughout the year.  These are opportunities for Investors to meet and find out what is new in the Breakthrough Innovations Group.  

If you would like to book onto a Networking Event go to our Events Calendar and checkout availability.

Invesment Workgroups

 Workgroup Type


Duration (Days)

Investor Workgroups 

Bronze Programme


Investor Workgroups 

Silver Programme


Investor Workgroups 

Gold Programme


Networking Workgroups

Open Programme


Collaboration Workgroups

Open Programme


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