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Join our community of Innovators and become a BIG Innovator, submit and develop ideas with others in teams to develop products or service ideas into business opportunities.. Our creative Forum for Innovation is the place where people can submit ideas for secure evaluation and join small communities that come together to develop these ideas.  We offer our members the opportunity to develop ideas and their team skills in real problem solving Workgroup environments. This Workgroup approach not only provides real opportunity to make additional income but also enables you to become an exceptional team member or leader by developing yourself and others.

In addition to our Workgroups our members also have access to valuable benefits and opportunities that are unique to BIG.

Membership Levels & Benefits

We know that people are at different stages in their development journey and we have therefore created six main levels of membership to ensure there is an opportunity for everyone. 

These levels are illustrated above and our White level provides you with the opportunity to join our forum FREE and allows you to learn more about our membership, benefits and discounts.

To find out more about the levels, benefits and joining criteria please select one of the links below: 

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