Silver Business


Are you Silver...


As a Silver company you have goals and a structured plan in place to achieve them.   Your customers are one of your top priorities and you regularly assess them and review their needs along with the performance of your products and pricing structure.  

You have good processes and systems in place for managing the business which will include CRM, HR, continuous improvement, quality, finance, H&S and logistics etc. These systems are, however,  not used in all parts of the organisation and could be more efficient... and you would like them to be improved. 

You are proactive in preventing issues from occurring and can respond quickly, therefore limiting time fire-fighting which means you can focus on your customers.  You have a management and company team in place who are effective but who could be much more efficient.  You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know your people should be better informed and more engaged.  As a result, you spend a large amount of your time managing people, which distracts you from growing the business and exploiting opportunities. 

You have well thought out and established key performance indicators which provide you with well-structured management reporting.   You use an annual budget effectively and have forward cash flow and monthly financial reporting systems in place which enables you to keep on top of company finances. 

Sales are steadily increasing and you are confident about the future, however, you can see more potential, want to take the business to the next level and would be interested in support to make it happen.