Bronze Business


Are you Bronze...


As a Bronze company you are likely to have an idea of the direction your company is going in but probably do not have a complete strategic vision and structured plan. Confidence levels fluctuate a lot within the narrow confines of the business.

You know that your customers are very important and try to see them when you can to review needs, products and pricing structure.   You have some processes and systems for managing the business which may include CRM, HR, continuous improvement, quality, finance, H&S and logistics etc. These systems are, however, not very effective and you would like to improve them.  You are often reactive in your behaviour, which detracts you from what is important. 

You spend many hours in your business managing people, doing a lot of the work yourself, and rarely have time to focus on the future or what is important. You have good people but they are not engaged in the company and you feel alone in the business.  

You probably have a few measures of performance on your business but no robust key performance indicators and have no real structured management reporting in place.   This means you do not budget effectively, if at all, live day to day and cash flow is always an issue. 

Sales are important to you and your business is in a good position to change but it’s not easy to make that happen... it would be good to have support to do so.