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We know that every business is unique and at different stages in their development.  We have therefore created six main levels of membership to ensure there is an opportunity for everyone. 

To make it easy for you to identify the level you should be signing up to we have created an Innovator Profile for each level.  Our White Level Profile is summarised below to give you an idea of the profiles.

These levels are illustrated above and our White level provides you with the opportunity to join our Forum FREE or at very little cost, which allows you to learn more about our benefits and discounts.

White Business

As a White company you are likely to be a business that has evolved from a trade or out of necessity and has not had the benefit of worldly experience in dealing with the issues to take the business further.  You probably do not fully understand the direction of your company and may not have a clear strategic vision for the business. 

You rarely review your customers, products and pricing structure.  There may be low quality processes and procedures for managing the business especially for CRM, HR, continuous improvement, quality, finance, H&S and logistics etc. This means you are largely reactive and frequently fire-fighting.  You spend hours in your business managing people and doing a lot of the work yourself, and never have time to focus on the future or what is important. You probably do not have any key performance indicators and have no structured management reporting, which means you do not budget but live day to day and have poor understanding of your cash flow and finances. You have a business which is not sure where it is going, although it manages to get by... there is the notion that it could be a great business with the right help to fill the gaps and you like the idea of becoming a BIG business.

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