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Building Business Together…


The Forum for Business has created the following three types of Forum Workgroups which our members can participate in:

The Forum for People is about working together to create and develop yourself and create opportunities.  We have therefore created  three types of Forum Workgroups which our members can participate in...Innovators Workgroup...Collaboration Workgroup...Networking Workgroup...

To join our Workgroups you must first join our Forum for People at the Bronze, Silver or Gold Level.  General qualities you will need to become a Workgroup member are:

  • A strong desire to succeed and build value.
  • A committed Team player
  • A positive outlook on life with expertise or life/business experience that will benefit fellow board members.
  • An attitude of generosity—willing to share knowledge, experience in supporting others.  A realisation that you don’t have all the answers with an ability to evaluate problems to achieve the best solution.
  • A serious commitment to creating a successful business and a willingness to develop complete actions for the next meeting and agree to make necessary changes in order to achieve success.
  • A commitment to meet with other board members at an agreed time each month for a minimum period of 6 months

Why are our forum workgroups unique

Our uniqueness is a result of our community of businesses, consultants, specialists, professionals, trades, trainers, people and innovators and we are able to offer a diverse spectrum of interest and expertise.  This means that our members can become facilitators and coaches by progressing through our levels or direct entry through our reviews.

Either way this means that we can provide a platform for people to learn and teach others and create an income for delivering programmes or events.  We pay our Members to deliver our Programmes if they have achieved an acceptable standard and you will receive between £400 and £1050 per day. 

Our aim is to use our Workgroups and levels to develop a new way of learning and training, as we believe that together anything is possible...


Why you should consider joining a local Business Workgroup:

  1. Discovery: A Workgroup acts as an informal board of Business Owners and Directors providing an opportunity to test new ideas and resolve challenges in a confidential and supportive environment.
  2. Experience and Expertise: Discuss ideas about how to gain more customers, work smarter and build your business.
  3. Be sure of Success: No one person has all the answers. Business success takes vision, experience and best practice. This is a chance to combine intelligence and experience to build your business. A Forum Workgroup can help you avoid typical mistakes, get out of the mouse wheel to look at the bigger picture. This alone can have a major impact on your company.
  4. Overcome Isolation: It can be very lonely being the owner of a growing business. Your friends and family do not understand the challenges you face and you cannot get the necessary support needed from people around you. Business Owners in your Forum group understand exactly how you feel and as a Workgroup it is really powerful to focus on what really counts – greater profit and success!
  5. Build Value: Tiger Coaches can work with each member individually. The member and Coach discuss, among other things, how each member’s business is progressing against their plan, avoiding mistakes by short cutting the process to what really matters!

What makes business workgroups so special?

The combination of peer advice offered at Workgroup meetings, outside experts and one-to-one Consultancy/Coaching sessions make membership a unique, powerful and cost effective opportunity to help business owners work towards the next level of success.

Costs Of our Workgroups

Workgroup Type Programme Duration (Months) 
Business Workgroups Bronze Programme 12
Business Workgroups Silver Programme 12
Business Workgroups Gold Programme 12
Collaboration Workgroups Open Programme 1 day
Networking Workgroups Open Programme 1 day

Note: Payments can be made as a lump sum or monthly instalments to view prices please sign up free and download the Price List from the PDF Library.

Income Opportunities

Silver and Gold Forum Members who have been through our Programmes or can demonstrate the appropriate level of understanding will be entitled to register as a resource for delivery of our Programmes and will receive delivery payments of between £400 to £1050 per day depending on the workgroup. 

Bronze and Silver Forum Members can also register to facilitate as part of their training to develop to the next level and receive a payment of between £180 and £450 per day again depending on the Workgroup.    

If you are interested in delivering some of our Programmes please contact us and one of our Specialist or Tiger Coaches will contact you.

There are also collaboration opportunities to increase revenues that would not be accessible without the group.

Business Workgroups

Collaboration Workgroups

Networking Workgroups