Special Offer - Business Development

Business Development Offer

Develop your business and your Team

  • Free Online Business Assessment
  • Business Development Funding £5000
  • Employee Development Funding £1000
  • Combined Employee Programme Offer


 Business Development

Breakthrough Innovations Group specialise in helping businesses. We are focused on supporting new and existing businesses in 2013 and are offering development funding of up to £5000 per company. This is a limited offer so if you feel you have potential and are interested, contact us as soon as possible. As part of our service we offer:

  • Free Online Business Review
  • Free 30 Minute Business Consultation
  • Funding upto £250k
  • Regular News and Events

Breakthrough Innovation Group recognises and understands that your business is unique and personal to you. We focus on your needs, vision and goals measured by profit.  If you are interested in developing your business and need support please contact us today on the following link:


Employee Development 

Breakthrough Innovations Group offers market leading People Development Programmes and can offer funding per candidate to develop effective Team Players, Facilitators and Leaders.

The programmes focus on developing our following Criteria:

  • BIG Self-Awareness – how aware are you of yourself and others
  • BIG Learning – how you and others learn effectively and efficiently
  • BIG Skills – do you have the right people, facilitation and leadership skills
  • BIG Presence – do you have confidence and gain respect
  • BIG Thinking – do you think effectively but efficiently

To find out more use this link: People Development Offers 

What’s The BIG Business Story…
BIG saved our business and our future… Our Business was in a desperate state and was over committed following an acquisition. The Big team unravelled our mistakes and saved our business by re-focus and training us to run our business better. We now make money and the world is our oyster with BIG on our side. Richard Elkins – Elmwood Coachworks Ltd

What’s The BIG People Story…
I became the person I should be … I disliked my Job and was not performing, Big provided a programme which provided a safe place to build confidence and learn skills to fulfil my potential.  I have now become a successful team player and manager in and outside work, thanks to the BIG Programme. James – Somerset