Business Recruitment


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When you are recruiting the time and cost searching and conducting unnecessary interviews through agencies can be extremely time consuming and recruitment for any business is both challenging and very expensive.

BIG People’s online recruitment service with a difference enables candidates with BIG People Profiles to post their CVs and companies with BIG Business Profiles to post their vacancies on our exclusive Forums.   This service begins at our FREE Forum Membership levels and progresses to be exceptional value for money at all other membership levels.

Job Search

At BIG People we bring businesses and people together who can communicate with each other through our Forums and locate vacancies.  You say what you can do and someone will find you.  Your basic profile or CV will be attracting employers searching for you.

Our Business Forum members provide us with a wide range of job opportunities worldwide that we are able to offer our members.  As we grow so do our vacancies and your opportunities, so upload your CV and register your details now!
Become a full paying member of our Forum For People and you will have direct access to our posted vacancies so you can find the right opportunity quickly.

Candidate Search

When you’re in business finding the right team is daunting at times, very costly and the difference between the right person and wrong one can prove extremely disruptive and expensive.

BIG Business and BIG People makes all of this much easier at significantly lower costs than conventional recruitment.  View applicants' details, see their profile, and refine your selection to ensure you find the right candidates for your vacancies.  With a suitable candidate found you could use our on line psychometric profiling to access their details prior to interviewing.
Join our Forum for Business and get access straightaway to get your recruitment on track. 

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Service Duration
BIG People Sector Search  (7 days per sector) 7 days
BIG People Regional, National & International Search (14 Days) 14 days
Advertise Vacancy for 7 days

7 days

Advertise Vacancy for 30 days

30 day

Note: To view prices please sign up free and download the Price List from the PDF Library.