Business Profiling


Finding out more about your business...


Our Forum For Business has enabled us to develop a comprehensive business profiling process for our Bronze, Silver and Gold business members. which is illustrated above and summarised below.

Short and Full Assessment

The Short and Full Assessments are our online business assessments which provide you with an indication of your company membership level.  Once you are a member you will be able to complete these FREE.  Our system allows you to save the assessment at any time, so that you can complete it at your convenience.

Company Details

To ensure that we have all the details about your company you will need to fully complete our data entry forms

Bronze, Silver & Gold Reviews

We have a review designed specifically for each level and modified to the specific needs of the business.  Once you have completed the full profile you will need to complete one of these reviews with one of our Tiger Coaches or Specialists.  On successful completion of the appropriate review you will be assigned your membership level and benefits.

Although this may seem a bit daunting it enables us to ensure membership levels are allocated correctly to hit the ground running!

Our assessment is aimed at our Forum members to enable them to progress through our membership levels and all our Bronze, Silver and Gold members will need to complete this process.

To find out more about our forums, online assessment and reviews select one of the links below:

Business Assessment

Business Reviews