Business Development Programme


Become a Bronze Business...


Our Business Development Programme is aimed at our White or Bronze level members who want to become a Bronze level member  or reinforce their Bronze membership status.  This Programme is designed to enable you to start to pull together all the strands of your business and get the business quickly to safe ground for further development. Over many years we have fine-tuned this process into just five developmental steps to be implemented usually within a 12 month period. This saves reinventing the wheel and sometimes never actually getting there. So, in short, this Programme gets on with making your business happen.

You and your business team will be assigned a BIG Tiger Coach who will oversee the programme and a BIG Specialist who will deliver the programme.  If they have not met before, all parties will initially meet for a half day introductory workshop  and arrange meeting dates for the next 12 months.  The programme follows our five step growth process and after each stage there will be a number of actions to complete in your business for discussion and review at the next session.

On successfull completion of the programme you will be awarded the Bronze level membership and add to your BIG Profile.  

The considerable resource of BIG can be utilised at any stage to help assist, such as one-to-one coaching, workshops and evaluation input from our other Specialists and Tiger Coaches. The steps are illustrated above and summarised below:

Bronze 1 - Strategy

Awareness of self and others is the foundation for all business development. This module explains the character of a small successful business and the team members. Strategy development embraces a half day introduction and includes:

  • Define the strategy
  • Reality check
  • Time scales
  • Deliverability
  • Desirability

The programme builds on a step by step process and will review all documentation and develop a business strategy to include SWOT, Porters Forces Model, Branding, Marketing, Operational and Commercial Strategy Options.  On completion a Tiger Coach will sign off the Business Strategy with you

Bronze 2 – Forensics

A capacity for self-managed learning is a distinguishing feature of successful business in all sectors. Unfortunately formal coaching tends to focus on imparting knowledge rather than actually teaching the skill of how to evaluate efficient and effective ways. This module fills that gap. We turn the strategy into a business plan to achieve the vision.

 The Business Plan will be compiled to include :

  • Resource
  • Structure
  • Uniqueness
  • Pricing & Margins
  • Sales Pipeline,
  • Systems
  • Financial Budgets and Forecasts.

On completion a Tiger Coach will sign off the Business Plan.

Bronze 3 – Planning

Your learning from a structured process has to be turned into skills and business success.  Awareness of the strategy and using techniques and processes now make this possible. This module focuses on the most fundamental skill of testing the plan.

 This session reviews the plan for:

  • Milestones
  • Measuring processes
  • Funding requirements
  • Visualised best practice
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Abilities

You will come out of this module with new insights not only into your impact on others, but also how to react when others need confidence to take on the challenges ahead. You will practise how to make your own voice and contribution heard most clearly to achieve progress against the plan.

Bronze 4 - Implemention

You are aware of their immediate situation and what is going on around you. A vast amount of detail is in place and you have now lived through the business and are ready to launch. You have the presence of mind, being able to turn their attention towards what matters;  .

  • Launch the plan
  • Culture test
  • Customer response
  • Focus
  • Reaction process
  • Learn quickly
  • Motivate
  • Measure
  • Monitor

This module will take you through what matters to implement a business or launch a new business project. You will come away with an increased capacity to recognise and respond effectively to the moment, in the moment.

Bronze 5 - Positioning

Different situations and challenges require different levels of thinking capability. For years it was assumed – wrongly - that individuals’ thinking abilities were fixed by the time they reached adulthood. It is now recognised that the quality of thinking, and consequently the effectiveness with which we tackle different types of challenge, can continue to be developed and improved.
Your business/project is up and running. You now have to:

  • Work through others
  • Extend motivational peaks
  • Continually train
  • Monitor the KPI’s
  • Identify best practice
  • Plan ahead

We show you the importance of positioning your business in the market place for the next phase.