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Our development programmes take you from idea creation through business growth and on to company positioning. The last three stages in our programmes are supported by BIG Business and the others are supported by BIG Ideas Programmes. 

BIG Business core programmes are… BIG Business Development Programme… BIG Business Growth Programme… BIG Business Positioning Programme and have been developed over many years of working with businesses.  To supplement these programmes we also offer one-to-one coaching/mentoring for business owners. 

Our Programmes are focussed on developing you and your company, adding real value to your business. The programmes we offer are aimed at three different business membership levels. Therefore prior to selecting the Programme appropriate to your company, you will need to complete our Business Profile Review and obtain a White, Bronze or Silver Membership level.

They are also designed for Workgroup environments concentrating on working in long term partnership to maximise the capability of the business in scale and profitability. This environment enables people to become familiar with each member of their group and builds culture and dynamism to learn as well as encountering real work situations and receiving interesting live feedback.

You will not get this in other business programmes and it is an inspiring way of developing you and your company.

Our Programmes are of the highest quality and to ensure a place on the next available programme, Contact Us and register your interest now.

Please see our list of Programmes and Coaching Services in the table below.

Business Development Programme Days Per Month     Duration (Months)
One-to-One Business Coaching (half day) As Required As Required
Business Development Workshop Day As Required As Required
BIG Business Development Programme (5 Modules)  1 10
BIG Business Development Programme Per Module 1 2
BIG Business Growth Programme (5 Modules) 1 10
BIG Business Growth Programme Per Module 1 2
BIG Business Positioning Programme (5 Modules) 1 10
BIG Business Positioning Programme Per Module 1 2
One- to-One Tiger Coaching (half day) As Required As Required

Note: Payments can be made as a lump sum or monthly instalments to view prices please sign up free and download the Programme and Workgroup Price List from the PDF Library.


One-to-One Business Coaching

BIG Business Development Programme

BIG Business Growth Programme

BIG Business Positioning Programme