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BIG People is our centre of excellence for people development… and is built around our Forum for People, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Tiger Coaches and People Specialists.

BIG Ideas… is our centre of excellence for idea development… and is built around our Forum for Innovation, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Ideas Vault, Tiger Coaches and Innovation Specialists.

BIG Ideas Vault... is our secure Vault that safely stores your ideas until you are ready to develop them or submit to our specialists and Tiger Coaches for evaluation.

BIG Business… is our centre of excellence for business development… and is built around our Forum for Business, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Tiger Coaches and Business Specialists.

BIG Investment… is our centre of excellence for Investment … and is built around our Forum for Investors, which offers membership at all levels and is supported by our Tiger Coaches and Investment Specialists.

BIG Consultants … is our centre of excellence for consultancy… and combines all four of our Forums to deliver and develop exceptional consultants and is supported by our Tiger Coaches.

BIG Forums… connect People, Innovators, Businesses, Investors and Consultants within our BIG Network....together anything is possible...

BIG Workgroups... offer our forum members to participate in our exceptional development and coaching programmes to be part of an effective team to learn and share with others to develop themselves, ideas, businesses and investments.

Breakthrough Innovations Group (BIG) is a group of inspirational businesses bringing together wide ranging resources and people into a community environment to make things happen. With such a BIG knowledge pool we believe anything is possible. Backed up with years of experience our services and programmes have something for everyone... become a member today...

Our Group has five centres of excellence (illustrated above) so whether you are an individual or a business we provide a framework where you will find the support and add huge value to you, your ideas and Business.  Whether it is skills, people,  ideas,  experience or finance – BIG brings them all together to help you achieve your ambitions. We can therefore offer something for everyone - people development, online recruitment, business creation, development and investment for the next BIG Business idea.   

Our Forums enable us to develop ideas from nuggets of inspiration through to business success stories and beyond.  Our unique blend of experience and expertise enable us to offer a complete business support package, from conception to start-up and on to further business development, sales, mergers, acquisition and consultancy. Our Forum levels allow us to develop people and businesses and use our recruitment services to bring these companies and people together at low cost with a unique profiling process.

We are able to develop people, find them jobs, propagate ideas to the marketplace, develop business and invest in new ventures... whilst bringing everyone together in our Forums... where together anything is possible...


The Group’s vision is to create the largest worldwide people, innovation and business community.  A community that collectively provides its members with opportunities for connectivity and development that they would not find elsewhere.  We believe that by innovating people, creating effective teams and groups of companies anything is possible.


The BIG concept enables individuals and companies to join a people, innovation and business community, share ideas and use their skills and expertise to create and grow value from their shared involvement.

By joining one of our Forums you will have the opportunity to become part of an Innovation,  People,  Business or Investors Workgroup where you can participate in the development of a new or existing business  and make additional revenue as a result.

Each Workgroup will follow one of our proven Programmes for success and will be facilitated by one of our Specialists and chaired by one of our Tiger Coaches who will ensure the group’s best chance for success.

If you do not wish to participate in one of our Forums and simply wish to submit an idea for consideration, we have created the BIG Ideas Vault.

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