Silver Consultants Programme


Become a Silver Consultant...

Silver 1 – Awareness

We should be advanced enough to do new things well. We're not. Most of the benefit comes when we stop doing wrong things.  Awareness of self and others is the foundation for all personal development.This module explains the character of successful individual contributors and team members and enables you to examine your own psychological profile in that context.  It deals with how you feel and the awareness needed to be comfortable to step out into the World of Consultancy and includes:

  • How to deal with this change in your life
  • Building value for your own business
  • Taking control


Silver 2 – Knowledge

A capacity for self-managed learning is a distinguishing feature of successful performers in all walks of life. Unfortunately formal education tends to focus on imparting knowledge rather than actually teaching the skill of how to learn in an efficient and effective way. This module fills that gap. It shows how to recognise and go beyond the ordinarily unconscious limits imposed by personal learning style. It will give you practical guidance on how to accelerate your development into Consultancy and includes:

  • The key issues
  • Present yourself
  • What do they want
  • Preparation


Silver 3 – Skills

Learning has to be turned into skills. Awareness of self and others, techniques and processes are necessary but not sufficient. Personal development counts for nothing unless it is translated into actual practice and it is most truly tested in interaction with others. This module focuses on the most fundamental skill for any working environment, the skill of engaging in constructive dialogue with other people.

  • Body language
  • Environment stage
  • Listening
  • Issue spotting
  • Problem solving
  • Reacting

You will come out of this module with new insights not only into your impact on others, but also how to react when others speak in ways that tend to alienate and switch you off. You will practise how to make your own voice and contribution heard most clearly.

Silver 4 – Transition

Another distinguishing feature of effective performers is their ability to be ‘in the moment.’ They have ‘presence’ in a number of ways. They are aware of their immediate situation and what is going on around them; they have presence of mind, being able to turn their attention towards what matters; and they demonstrate personal presence through making contributions that are distinctive and appropriate to the circumstances. This Module is all about making the transition from a leader to a client centred consultant and includes:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • How I contribute
  • Safe person
  • Easy connection

Silver 5 – Strategy

All of this can be developed, particularly by sharpening sensitivity to situation. That is the purpose of this module, which will help you to distinguish different types of context, both every day and transitional. You will come away with an increased capacity to recognise and respond effectively to the moment, in the moment.

Different situations and challenges require different levels of thinking capability. For years it was assumed – wrongly - that individuals’ thinking abilities were fixed by the time they reached adulthood. It is now recognised that the quality of thinking, and consequently the effectiveness with which we tackle different types of challenge, can continue to be developed and improved. This is an essential capability in a complex and changing world. The single most powerful way to cultivate improved thinking skills is to recognise our own particular cognitive style and biases. This module will give you new insight into how to manage your thinking, to recognise when it is falling short of what is required and to raise your mental game and contribution. You will build a strategy to step out into the consultancy world with confidence and understand the following:

  • Interpret now
  • Plug into me
  • I can help
  • Together we are powerful
  • Commit