Business Consultancy


If you don’t know, we know someone who will…

Breakthrough Innovations Group offers consultancy like no other.  As a Group we are able to utilise Tiger Coaches from BIG Consultants to mentor and support all our Specialist Consultants.  So if you are looking for business consultancy contact one of our Specialist Consultants who will be able to get in contact with someone who will have the answers.

We have experts at every level in all sectors of business and our BIG Forums and years of networking in the business world enable us to understand the issues in working with people and business.

We recognise and understand that for owners of small to medium sized business, their business is unique and personal to them. As a consequence, our approach focuses on our client's needs, vision and goals.

We do this through our refined online Business Assessment Programme and then carry out a one-to-one review with you to agree an action plan that will add real value to your business. If you choose to join one of our Forums and learn from others, then you will add even more value to your business.

Our Forums make us unique and our Tiger Coaches and Specialists take things to another level... so, why not ‘Put a Tiger in Your Business’ and seriously accelerate your development.

Don’t wait, Put a Tiger In your!!!

Area of Expertise

Although our network provides experts in many areas of business we currently specialise in Design and Manufacture, Sales & Marketing and Leadership & Management:

Management & Leadership
Design and Manufacturing
Marketing and Sales