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Business Consultancy - We achieve success through our client centred approach to business development.   Our Specialist Consultants and Tiger Coaches will work with you to develop your ideas or business to the next level.   For simple projects we can also offer cost effective consultancy through our Trainee Consultants who will be mentored by our Tiger Coaches to ensure you receive real value for money.

Consultancy Programmes - Ground breaking programmes with an entry level of our bronze people membership ensure you become an expert through assessment and practical hands on training by achieving our silver and gold consultant levels.

Forums and Workgroups - The power of exchanging thoughts and working with others saves reinventing the wheel and moves you on to capitalise on developing your business. Realise your potential today.

If you are a business that requires specialist support from our consultants or you are looking to start a new consultancy business and wish to hone your consultancy skills then you have come to the right place...

Breakthrough Innovations Group (BIG) is an inspirational business bringing together wide ranging resources and people into a community environment to make things happen. With such a BIG knowledge pool we believe anything is possible. Backed up with years of experience our services and programmes have something for everyone…Our Group consists of five centres of excellence.

BIG Consultants … is our centre of excellence for consultancy… and combines all four of our forums to deliver exceptional consultancy,  develop our specialist consultants and is supported by our Tiger Coaches.

Due to our experience and breadth of knowledge, we are able to offer Consultancy to all of our Group Companies, their Clients, Forum members and external clients. Our BIG Forums and Consultancy Group structure is illustrated below:

We have experts at every level in all sectors of business and our BIG Forums and years of networking in the business world enable us to understand the issues in working with people and business.

 Business Specialists - provide support on Sales and Marketing, IT and Business Systems. 

Ideas Specialists - are able to offer support on Innovation, IP,  Design,  Manufacturing and prototyping.

People Specialists -  provide support on Leadership,  Management and Personal Development.

Investment Specislists - are able to offer support on investment and Strategic Management.

To find out more about our Tiger Coaches and client centred approach select the link below:

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